Custom Kansas City Wine Cellar Construction

Prepare for snow days with sophistication by calling York Companies for your very own Kansas City wine cellar construction!

wine cellars in mission hillsThe winter may feel longer in Kansas City because we get all the cold and ice without any of the fun of the snow. When work gets cancelled, be prepared to stay in all day and enjoy a good book. Every good book deserves a glass of wine as it’s snow day sidekick. If your wine collection is up to the rim with choices and not enough space to store them, it is time to give York Companies a call and schedule your custom Kansas City wine cellar construction.

Custom Kansas City wine cellar construction from York Companies can turn your home into a snow day paradise!

York Companies can turn any space into your perfect custom wine cellar. If you have a general design in mind, speak up and tell us! We want to design a masterpiece you will be proud of. To get your free quote, follow the link above.