Home Remodeling in Johnson County

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high end kitchenIf you are not happy with an aspect of your home, speak to a member at York Companies today regarding your home remodeling in Johnson County! By keeping your Johnson County home modern and fresh, you increase the resale value. Buyers want new and eco-friendly! To make your home more eco-friendly, update your windows to the newest models. Windows leak the most amount of heat from your home.

Windows are not the only energy waster in your home. Other culprits include:


  • Lack of installation
  • Single pane windows
  • “Standby Power” mode
  • Incandescent lights
  • Old washers and dryers
  • Outdates HVAC

York Companies has over 50 years of experience in their contracting division, MY Contracting LLC. For years, York Companies has put the customer’s needs first, and MY Contracting is happy to do the same. Speak to a member of York Companies today to schedule your home remodeling in Johnson County!

York Companies offers home remodeling in Johnson County so you may fall back in love with the home you bought years ago!