Kansas City Wine Cellar Construction

Searching for the best Kansas City wine cellar construction? York Companies offers free no-hassle quotes to get your project off of the ground!

kansas city wine cellar constructionIf you have a wine collection that deserves the spotlight, Kansas City wine cellar construction from York Companies is the perfect project to get started! While all your friends may not love wine as much as you do, they can appreciate your custom cellar. Custom wine cellars can be temperature, light, and humidity controlled. These are the most important factors when aging your wine collection.

Direct sunlight and incandescent light can easily react with phenolic compounds in wine which results in potential wine faults. The light-bodied white wines hold the biggest risk for wine faults caused by light problems. The humidity of the room keeps the cork from drying out. Finally, the temperature of the room must be perfect to avoid “cooked” wine. The ideal temperature to age wine at is around 52 degress Fahrenheit.

Kansas City wine cellar construction is a must for all wine lovers! Speak to a member at York Companies today.