Seamless Remodeling in Kansas City, MO

Finish your remodeling in Kansas City, MO with a basement redo! Let York Companies build your dream basement today.

Looking for trusted remodeling in Kansas City, MO? Look no further! York Companies’ construction division has over 50 years of experience. basement bar closeupWe are licensed and insured to remodel your residential or commercial space. York is up to date on current trends, and materials. Recently, the trend is to “Go Green”. York can create a greener home for you and your family.

Want to relax in your home, but its too hot? Head downstairs and relax in your new finished basement! York Companies specializes in basement remodels. Find a cool escape underground away from the hot sun. If your dream basement is a bigger project, we will work with an architect or engineer to create your dream basement. Complete your basement with a bar, movie theater, or a complete remodel. York can handle the remodeling in Kansas City, MO and complete it right the first time. Click here to check out more about our contracting.